Judokaa’s BJJ Professor Brian Beauchamp

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About Professor Brian Beauchamp

Current Rank: IBJJF Black Belt/Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt Kodokan Judo)
Favorite Technique: Ouchi Gari
In Martial Arts Since: 1972
NCCP / Referee Status: Professional MMA referee & Judge (Worked for UFC, Bellator & RUFF in China)
First Aid: Unknown

Notable Achievements

•Won Blue Belt IBJJF Worlds Masters
•Won Purple Belt IBJJF Worlds Masters
•Won Blue Brown belt IBJJF Worlds Masters
•Won Black Belt IBJJF Worlds Masters (Twice to date and Current Champion)
•Only Canadian Fighter to have won every color belt in the IBJJF Worlds Masters


Judokaa Martial Arts are very fortunate to have world champion BJJ fighter Brian Beauchamp as thier BJJ professor. Brian Beauchamp won the 2001 World Police and Fire Games Judo Championships and as is the current 2013 IBJJF World Masters Champion.
Brian knows how to blend judo into the BJJ game like no other fighter and has shown this time and time again winning all belts (blue, purple, brown and black) at the world  Masters championships. As part of the new Judokaa BJJ vision under the old style judo program we plan to host and run many clinics in the near future.

Professor Brian is a great fit for the club and while we have other black belts with us its Brians vision that leads the way in the BJJ program. Brian is also the head instructor under Fit Canada and Judokaa was the first club to fall under the new team here in Canada.