Judokaa Martial Arts

  • Little Warriors Judo/Samurai BJJ Class

    Judo's Little Warriors Judo and Little Samurai BJJ programs are designed for those children from ages 4-7 that have never tried a martial art before. It will teach them the skills needed to be able to train at a higher level all the time designed to be fun so the children are in a friendly environment.

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  • Junior Judo Class

    Judokaa’s Junior Judo Class is a slower paced class with lots of breakfalls, rolls, and some Judo action. This will give your child a chance to practice both their stand up and ground work skills. Many of the classes combine a Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style and many of the children in this class will move on to fight in tournaments in both styles.

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  • Competitive Judo Class

    Judokaa’s Competitive Judo Class is an advanced technical aspect of both Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills, with students practicing and learning more advanced techniques. The pace of this class is much faster with the emphasis on advanced technical skills and lots of fighting. Many of the classes combine a Judo and BJJ style.

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  • Adult Judo Class

    Judokaa’s Adult Judo Class usually has between 5-8 brown belts and black belts on the mats at any given time, and you’re always guaranteed lots of one on one time with a higher belt. Many of our black belts have coached and competed at the national level. The adult program has many people that train to stay fit.

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  • Beginners Freestyle Judo/BJJ

    This beginner level introduction to Freestyle Judo/BJJ teaches the kids the beginner level skills and teaches the languages used in this unique martial art. Children are taught the basic skills needed to train safely in this martial art. Children with no martial arts experience will benefit from this beginner program.

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  • Advanced Freestyle Judo/BJJ

    This advanced level to Freestyle Judo/BJJ teaches kids the advance level skills and languages used in this unique martial art. Children are taught the basic skills needed to train safely in this martial art. Students require previous martial arts training to benefit from this program.

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  • IBJJF Professor Gradings

    Fit Canada's Head professor is a registered IBJJF black belt and adult grading's are done under the IBJJF standards

  • Anti-Bullying/Self Defence Class

    Judokaa's Anti-Bullying clinics are a huge success. Our students love that they can bring friends to the Anti-Bullying clinics for free. Judokaa Martial Arts are proud to be a part of the Martial Artists Against Bullying (MAAB) movement. This is an international organization made up of professional martial arts instructors from all over the world.

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  • Child Care

    We offer child care in our membership plan here at Judokaa for you to train while your children have a good time with other kids their age!

Why Join?

Judokaa Martial Arts is more than just a martial arts club! We are active in the community and participate in tournaments and demonstrations, province wide. Judokaa is Durham's only santioned Judo and Jiu-Jitsu school. Come see what all the buzz is about, and give our family a try. You can print out one of our free week coupons, which will be emailed to you after completing the form after clicking the red button below, for a free week at our club.


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One of the goals of this new website is to give parents and members as well as the community a simple way to sign up for updates. Members are asked to check off that you’re an active member of the club now and Judokaa fans are asked to indicate you are not an active member of the club at this time. You will receive email blasts, club updates, as well as the semi-annual Judokaa Express newsletter.